A SELF-MADE FAILURE is "Dizzy" Daniels' latest and greatest silent comedy assault. It's in the tradition
of the great silent clowns of the twenties where Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin ruled the silver screens.
Originally started as a 15 minute film, but with so much good material being added, eventually grew into an
82 minute feature length comedy!


Shots from the 16mm film transferred to HD by Cinepost!

The end of the first scene with "Dizzy" Daniels in A SELF-MADE FAILURE.


After the guy helping Dizzy with Final Cut Pro quit (the fifth to date) 
because his MacBook went kaput (taking all of the work they did together with it) Dizzy had two choices: 
Get someone else, or buy a Mac and do it himself. Happily, Dizzy went with the latter, and is busy 
working through the film and making sure everything is perfect. That includes fixing past mistakes, and redoing most of the 
motion files (which are like mini movies in the timeline) the last guy did for a lot of the iris effects he felt he was 
better at doing in Motion, but which could have been done in Final Cut. Now, Dizzy can spend as much time 
tweaking a scene to get it perfect.

     So far, Dizzy has cut out 7 minutes of footage from the film (that was about 89 minutes long) and removed more 
     than 300 frames that he'd fixed in Photoshop. Most of the cuts involve characters coming in and out of frame, 
     but a few scenes were also chopped out because Dizzy felt that they were too repetitive or not up to his standards. 
     Now, Dizzy is using Final Cut to stabilize most of the jumpy cuts in the film, keeping in mind that some movement 
     actually adds to the film, making it look like it was shot in the 1920's. After Dizzy is through going over the film, 
   Neisy Wilson will resume composing the music for the film.